Superhuman Power in Healing & Beyond - messages from the author KY (Kwan Yue) Wong

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Superhuman Power in Healing & Beyond

What is superhuman power? It is power that human beings do not have. It can exist in different forms. Some form runs the functions in our internal organs. The instructions are carried through nervous systems from the brain to the various organs in the form of electromagnetic waves. We were born with a very small sub-set of these instructions. As we grow the number of instructions grow accordingly. Some of them can even repair a function or even the organ that uses them.

Each species uses unique wavelengths. But, they are interchangeable within the same species. In other words, we can acquire external superhuman power originated from other human beings or sources.

I had a personal encounter of this process when some mysteries force ridded me of my illness during the period between 21 FEB 2003 and 20 MAR 2003. I had documented it in a book ‘Superhuman Power in Healing & Beyond’. It gives a detailed day by day or rather, hour-by-hour description of the treatment.

After the treatment I have changed completely my outlook in life. I start to understand more of the human body. The brain is the central command. It runs all the functions in the body.  

Where does the brain get the power to run these functions? It gets it from our physical movements. They are the expansion and contraction of the tendons system. There are two types of physical movements, one involuntary and the other voluntary. Breathing is an example of the former. In breathing the lung inhales to take in air and exhales to expel it. The oxygen from it is pumped to the heart to oxygenate the blood and the others are pumped out.

We have to learn the voluntary ones. Kids learn to walk and stroke patients have to relearn it through physical therapy. We have control of these to a certain extend. For instance, when we reach out to grab an object, we calculate the distance it takes the hand to reach it. We have to learn this by try and error. We can feel the hand moves and grabs the object. At the same time these movements also work the internal organs.

The human body is composed of bones as the skeleton, tendons as the more flexible framework and muscle as substrate. Embedded in the tendons are nerves. In the body cavity there are internal organs such as the heart, liver, etc. Each is built of tendons and muscle. Of course they are of different constituents of cells. Each has its own function and they are all interconnected and function as a whole. A continuous sheath of tendons covers the outside to give the form of the body. It is built of tendons across like a mesh with connecting muscle in between.

Tendons can expand and contract in a directional way like a rubber band, while muscle is flexible like rubber. When a force is applied to stretch a fixed length tendon, every section along that length will extend equally and returns to its original length after the force is released. Therefore the movement of the tendons is very efficient. We need only to apply force to expand or contract it. After releasing the force the tendon returns to its original length like a spring.

In equilibrium the forces exerted by the tendons at the back and front and the right and left sides of the body are equal. Whenever this equilibrium is disturbed the body will generate energy or force to reestablish it. In other words the tendons structure is a closed system. This simple action and reaction is responsible for all our movements. Just a small movement of any part of our body will cause the whole tendons system to adjust to it.

For the body to function efficiently its tendons system and muscle need to be flexible. Whenever any part of the system is overused from over stretching or compressing, it looses flexibility. In other words it does not go back to its original length. The muscle around it is strained or hardened. The rest of the tendons will lengthen or shorten to maintain equilibrium. In doing so some tendons may have to curve over like the hunching of the shoulders or the protruding of the abdomen. As a result the tendons cannot pass through the collar- bones, knuckles, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. If they get infected they cause arthritis. The head, upper back and the chest become solid sheets of muscles. The accumulation of forces at the head will cause pressure in the head or headaches. The obstruction of the flow of blood will cause high blood pressure or Tinnitus.

The reasons for this are numerous. The main reasons are inactivity, over exertion or prolong holding parts of the body in an abnormal position.

One of the biggest culprits is being right-handed. Most of our actions we learn after birth. Just because most people are right-handed we learn to be so. Also most tools are made for right-handed people. Some cultures even frown on left-handedness. If being left alone left-handed people will do as well as right-handed or as bad. As time goes on either group will lose some control of the other side of the body and use their particular side more and more. The body will loose its natural equilibrium.

It goes the same way with most sports and playing musical instruments.

Take for a golf swing. The body curls up in the up swing and uncurls in the down swing. The body absorbs a lot of force at the impact with the ball. People who use a dead force - force generated not by the natural movement of the body will be worse. If this is done for a long period of time without resting in between, those tendons and muscle involved will harden.

To play some musical instruments we put the body in an unnatural way. The violinist holds the instrument by stretching the upper body tendons to the left and twisting the left lower arm to the right to touch the keypad with the fingers. The head is strained to hold on to the chin rest. The right arm is raised for the bowing. After prolong holding in such position the upper body shifts to the left. The tendons from the back cannot expand to the front and vice verse because they are obstructed by the horizontally leaning of the tendons of the shoulders and arms. The head will be off center and cannot turn freely. For a pianist it is just as bad. He usually plays with his shoulders hunched and his head stooped. He concentrates more on the right side with the fingers on the keyboard and the foot on the paddle. Most piano music are written for the right hand. This is especially bad for young children because they are more susceptive to deformation.

The stomach is like a chemical reaction chamber where food is digested and the nutrients the body needs are absorbed and the waste is excreted. The body uses some and stores the extra. If this amount is excessive we become obese. The body has a built in indicator to inform us when food is needed in the sensation of ‘hunger’. If part of the delivery channels are blocked the nutrients may not get to the organs that need them even though there are plenty of them stored.

We are carnivorous. Our body needs nutrients from meats. Some of them the body cannot extract efficiently from vegetables and fruits. Since the body does not manufacture basic chemicals, it is better to eat all kinds of food. The body has natural mechanism to select what it needs and eliminates the others, even toxic ones if they are not present in large quantities. Dieting is not an option, because you do not know what your body needs. You practically deprive the body of essential nutrients.

Drugs should be used as a last resort. All drugs have risks, either inherent or introduced during the manufacturing process. Tests may have been done to certify them, but some side-effects are only apparent in 10 or 20 years' time. By then it will be too late. Our bodies are capable of treating most diseases; otherwise we would not have survived so long.

Some obvious signs of shortened tendons and hardened muscle are: high blood pressure; Tinnitus; pressure in the head; headache; shortness of breath; premature graying of hair; loose teeth; osteoporosis; far and near sightedness; wrinkles; black and white heads; loss of hearing; numbness in the limbs and others.

We can fix some of the problem with exercises and rests. In our sleep all our voluntary actions are turned off. It will give the body time to relax the strained tendons. You will sense this just after you awake. You will feel that the tendons are very flexible. Actually you can learn to turn off those actions while you are awake. That is what they do in meditation. When the Superhuman Power treated me, my voluntary actions were turned off completely and the involuntary actions came into play. I do not know how it happened. Ordinary we have no control of those involuntary actions. After the Superhuman Power fixed a part of the body, it performed exercises on that part and then followed by what I called ‘reorganization’. It probably was a process to relax the tendons and adopt them to function in the new way. I have rewritten those exercise routines and produced a DVD for them for my new book 'Live in Harmony with Nature'. There is a preview in the Book2 section of this site.

To fix the problem completely, we need to change the way we live. In Colonial times we had slaves to work for us. After the Industrial Revolution we invented machines to do the work. At present we have computers and other electronic gadgets to work for us. Can they write the codes of the involuntary instructions - natural phenomena? We do not even know what they are. Breathing is one such phenomenon. A lot of people rely on it as the only way to run the body. It is like forever in hibernation with a constant supply of food. Also artificial systems are written for the present enviroment. Who knows what the future will be like? By then we may even loose our brain power to understand these systems

Superhuman Power is a name I made up for these natural phenomena. We can see its profound effect in evolution.

Can we seek it? No, we cannot seek it. It is all around us, but we may have changed its environment so much that it cannot function any more, as in the case of the hardened tendons. What we can do is start to live more in harmony with Nature.

By myself I can accomplish very little. But if I can motivate other people to think likewise, we can achieve a lot more. The sole purpose of the book ‘Live in Harmony with Nature’ is to do just that.

Live in Harmony with Nature - a sequel to Superhuman Power in Healing & Beyond

What is ‘Nature’ and how can we live in harmony with it?

The ancient Chinese described it as Sky, Earth and Men. They believed that the Earth was built of five elements (gold, wood, water, fire, earth). They compliment or counter each other, like water compliments wood but counters fire. Two forces (Yin and Yang) operated it. Though it sounds simplistic, but it is as good as all others people had given.

Different living things evolved by natural selection to fit into the environment. Creationists attribute this natural phenomenon to a god. Unlike Nature this god they think they can influence or even control. Whether the creationists believe evolution or not, it is happening within and without them and they have no control of it whatsoever.

All living things are unique as far as their species are concerned, but are all integrated into the whole and are dependent on each other for survivals. They can either be predators or preys or both. In other words, they eat or are eaten. This ecosystem is dynamic. Whenever any part is changed it will affect the rest. We only start to realize this recently because of climate change. More studies are carried out for the pollutants we put out. But, no one has talked about electromagnetic waves pollution.

All living things use electromagnetic waves to communicate. Each species uses different wavelengths. That is why we cannot communicate with other animals. Even within species there are differences. For instance, We do not understand the dialect of other people. All electromagnetic waves generated in Nature conform to this framework. Some electromagnetic waves we put out artificially may interfere with this framework, like bees get lost in their way to their hives or fish loose their navigation abilities. This may happen to us eventually.

This book ‘Live in Harmony with Nature’ is written like a forum. It includes different topics about our lives and how we are not living in harmony with Nature. Eventually I hope other people will contribute to the discussion.

I have also rewritten the exercise routines from the book ‘Superhuman Power in Healing & Beyond’ for the book and produced a DVD for them. There is a preview in the Book2 section of the site. The book also includes instructions in how to use the video and other forms of exercises. It is important that the video is used properly; otherwise it will cause more harm than good.

The tentative topics are as follows:

  1. Language
  2. Music
  3. Our Relationship with Nature
  4. Natural Resources
  5. Population
  6. Inheritance and Government
  7. Economics
  8. Education
  9. Conservation